What About Spell Check?

So what if you are typing about some kerfuffle the other day and you possibly mikspell a word… ooo… spellcheck! (actually, what amazes me more than Minimalist Markdown Editor having Spellcheck, is that I somehow managed to spell kerfuffle correctly the first try! (IDK it even was a “real” work… “real” - hahaha…))


So MMDE seems to do what I want: Markdown + Spellcheck. But somehow I’m not feeling the symbiosis I feel with the Ghost Editor, or even with the Github editor. IDK why. It definitely works. But… hmm…

Australian Ballet photo Campaign for The Australian Ballet, by Ren Pidgeon

Huh… I wonder why the image is rendering as a broken link here in MMDE? I imagine the page will work when deployed, but it should render in the preview pane too, no?

Oh well…

It’s always something!

I just pasted this content in Ghost and it previews fine. Although to some degree you’re benefited by it not previewing in that it keeps the Markdown & Preview panes in sync. When Ghost or other Markdown Editors do preview images, the panes get out of sync which is sort of a pain.

So I guess it can still be MMDE FTW. Just double check your images.

This is a nice (reasonable) place to type.

3 Options

There’s 3 tools that seem to work pretty well on both Mac & Win, and have Spellcheck

  • Typora - doesn’t preview images
  • Minimalist Markdown Editor - doesn’t preview images
  • Ghost - does preview images (but not ideal to upload 2 github, or course)

(oh, and when it’s in Github, the images do preview)

Favorites this minute

So I guess these are my current favorite ways to type (M/W)

  1. Typora
  2. Ghost
  3. MMDE
  4. GitHub Editor

They’re all fine. Except no spellcheck in Github editor.

I’m not thrilled with the no spellcheck, but at least you can write in Typora which is a nice experience, and then you can edit the files right here in GitHub Markdown, which works nicely!

Markdown Headspace

It’s weird that all the big php CMS’ don’t (natively) support Markdown: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal - no gots!

Ghost is (awesome) native Markdown. But Ghost is nodeJS, so the PHP CMS’ / PHP MySQL engines, hating-on-MD streak is unbroken.

By contrast, the Static / Flat web world seems to live on Markdown. Jekyll which powers this GitHub site, and a couple dozen others all seem to be native Markdown.

Why is Markdown so shunned in the PHP/CMS world, and so embraced in the Static/Flat world??

Heading 1

## Heading 2 ### Heading 3 Some Text #### Heading 4 ##### Heading 5 ###### Heading 6

hahaha, I came to Jekyll / GitHub to complain about bad Markdown on Joomla… so of course… the MD here on Jekyll / GitHub is acting weird. It previews on GitHub just fine. But rendered on the web the last section doesn’t seem to format. Almost as if it needs a text block, or something, underneath it. So, this is a text block!