This is my 1st post for Jekyll!

I’m writing in Markdown in Github… I think! :) Let’s see if I can make this page go!

Image: Balance by Vadim Stein

I tried 3 new platforms today: Jekyll, Muse & Joomla.

I’m excited to see what all 3 can do.

  • Jekyll: Static Web + Markdown + Github + Netlify
  • Muse: Looks like it might be the best path to my Cornell box in cyberspace
  • Joomla: Some say it has a lot of the ease of WordPress w a lot of the power of Drupal

another dance photo Image: Brittany Cavaco of Washington Ballet - Flowing by Gene Schiavone

This is a really simple, clean page. Just words and images. No twitter feeds, sidebar widgets, etc. It’s a lot of what I like about Ghost. Editing Markdown here in Github really isn’t bad at all. Or you could use a dual view editor on Win/Mac, like:

Win Markdown Editor

Mac Markdown Editor

Mac-Win-Lin Markdown Editor

silly dance scene of a ballerina trying to wait tables

Johanna Sigurdartottir, Missing the Cup by Jordan Matter