The other side of the world is waiting for you… on the other side of Los Angeles!

boba everywhere! Boba everywhere!

Walking New Taipei

What: Jane’s Walk, New Taipei, CA
When: Sunday 7 May ‘17, 10a - 2p
Where: Valley Blvd in New Taipei (Rosemead - San Gabriel)

  • 10-11am Optional Dim Sum Breakfast @ 888 Seafood
  • 11-Noon Walk down Valley Blvd from 888 Seafood to Bake Code
  • Noon-1pm Optional afternoon tea, coffee, boba, pastries & conversation @Bake Code
  • 1-2pm Walk back on the other side of the street from Bake Code to 888 Seafood

Join in for all or any part of the walk you like. I’ll carry a “Jane’s Walk” sign!

Share Your Stories

I’ll be “leading” this walk, but I’m hardly an expert on this rich, historical LA treasure. Please chime in with any information and stories you can share.

Yen Li & Maggie

Yen Li & Maggie spent the summer of 2015 working as lifeguards at YMCA of the Rockies, in Estes Park, Colorado. At the end of the summer they did some travelling before going home to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After a summer of hardcore American food, they were ecstatic to visit 888 Seafood in Rosemead, CA and have a great Hong Kong style Dim Sum Breakfast.

Maggie & Yen Li at 888 Seafood Maggie & Yen Li @ 888 Seafood on Valley Blvd in New Taipei (Rosemead)

Valley Blvd

After breakfast we drove down Valley Blvd in what I used to call “Rosemead & San Gabriel.” Yen Li & Maggie were both amazed at all the Chinese signs lining the street. Maggie said that it was like they were in Taipei.

Ever since that day I’ve called the Rosemead-San Gabriel area New Taipei. (even though the many dim sum places here are “Hong Kong style”, and the servers speak Cantonese)

It’s about the food!

Like all Jane’s Walks, this Jane’s Walk New Taipei is completely free and open to all. There’s no purchase necessary of course, but this stretch of Valley Blvd in New Taipei has so many Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean food places, you should probably bring at least a little appetite.

If anyone wants to try something along the way we can stop and try. Our two official stops are dim sum breakfast at the East End of New Taipei at 888 Seafood and boba & pastries for a mid-day walking snack at Bake Code on the West End of New Taipei.

If you want to have breakfast, meet at 888 Seafood at 10am. If you want to just walk, meet at 888 Seafood at 11am.

888 Seafood

8450 Valley Blvd #121

New Taipei (Rosemead) CA 91770


Bake Code

140 W Valley Blvd #101

New Taipei (San Gabriel) CA 91776


Saigon's Bakery on the corner of San Gabriel Blvd & Valley Blvd in New Taipei, CA

Saigon’s Bakery on the corner of San Gabriel Blvd & Valley Blvd in New Taipei - mmmmm yummy sandwiches… and so cheap! :)

Hawaii market

Hawaii market

New Taipei is booming!

New Taipei is boomtown! And all the action is on Valley Blvd.

noodles at Hilton plaza on valley blvd

Noodles and more at Hilton Plaza

Sheraton under construction on Valley Blvd in New Taipei

Sheraton in progress on Valley Blvd

Hyatt Construction site on Valley Blvd in New Taipei

The Shops & Residences @Hyatt Place, New Taipei is the newest big project on Valley Blvd

New Taipei Square on Valley Blvd

At New Taipei Square there are many restaurants and shops, and right next to each other are 3 milk tea & boba places

Boba Avenue in San Gabriel Square

If you’re young, hip & Asian, Boba Ave is the place to be! Sadly, I’m not even 1 of the 3!

Ten Ra Tea Station on Valley Blvd in San Gabriel, CA

Boba Ave is for the cool kids… and Tea Station seems to be where the old men hang out and play cards

Bake Code in San Gabriel Square

Boba Ave too young… Tea Station too old… and Bake Code just right!

looking through the window of a skin care shop

It’s all about skin care!

poster for a water filter

I think they sell water filters

Nail Supply House on Valley Blvd in San Gabriel

OMG, Nail Supply House must have more than 10,000 colors of nail polish!

Petrillos Pizza on Valley Blvd Yes, New Taipei has legendary Pizza too - you can find it all on Valley Blvd

pond, plants, and koi fish shop

Morning Garden Pond - pond supplies, koi fish, plants